Friday, 7 November 2008

R1 17 comments

The acting itself looked unnatural, particularly when the girl walked away from the door after locking it - seemed very robotic. Bit confused about where the story will go from here considering the girl's dead, gives a lot of the plot away and isn't very subtle.
Music was fine and good choice of camera shots were used, particularly at the end.

R1 17

Phscyo Feedback

Crime convention
Sub genre horror thriller
Clean cuts affects added colour wise and different movements were used at the end
Camera work was mostly the same
the music was good the a soundtrack not a sound beat fitted with the movement
they broke the 180 degree rule when the girl was walking up the stairs




Gives too much of the story away so there was no fear of the unknown.
Horror thriller.
A crime at the core of the narrative.
Extraordinary events happening in ordinary situations.
Music was good however could have built more suspense.



- steady camera-work
- editing was effective
- crime at the core of the narrative
- dark lighting connotes danger and mystery



We thought that it was a good opening sequence, but it gave too much of the plot away. We also like the soundtrack because of the tension it gives to the film. It was good when the ''baddie'' was in the background as the victim walked past.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

This is our roughcut

the music lasts a bit longer than the video to cater for when we add in credits


Friday, 17 October 2008

The only prop we need was a mask that the villian is going to wear. a member of our group has this prop already so it doesn't need to be purchased.

we have practiced panning, we tried panning on the tripod and panning holding the camera by hand, we feel that both have a good effect but we think we will use the tripod. We also have a scene were the camera follows over the shoulder of the villian we will be doing this by holding the camera in our hands.

Are initial idea came from simple discussion, we discussed as a group are individual ideas and we all came up with are idea, we all added ideas to the opening sequence we have decided to do.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Shot List

Are shots are taken in the bathroom(A), Corridoor(C), kitchen(D), Stairs(B), Street (E)

Shot 1: Location: A
Actors: Beth Meredew
Description of shot: Close in on the tap being turned.

Shot 2: Location: B
Actors: Beth Meredew
Description of shot: Victim walking down the stairs.

Shot 3: Location: C
Actors: Beth Meredew
Description of shot: Zoom-in on Victim locking the door.

Shot 4: Location: B
Actors: Beth Meredew & Jake Crick
Description of shot: Victim goes up stairs. Villain appears.

Shot 5: Location: B
Actors: Jake Crick
Description of shot: Camera at bottom of the stairs. Villain follows up the stairs.

Shot 6: Location: A
Actors: Beth Meredew
Description of shot: Character taking off bath robe. camera from behind, panning from top of the body to the bottom of the body.

Shot 7: Location: A
Actors: Beth Meredew
Description of shot:character dead on the floor, near the bath, filmed from outside the bathroom door.

Shot 8: Location: A
Prop: Mask
Description of shot: close-up of the mask on the floor.

Shot 9: Location: A
Actors: Jake Crick & Beth Meredew
Description of shot:shot from outside the bathroom floor, villan dragging the victim out.

Shot 10: Location: D
Actors: Jake Crick & Beth Meredew
Description of shot:villan looking round the kitchen

Shot 11: Location: E
Actors: Jake Crick & Beth Meredew
Description of shot:Long shot of villan putting the victim in the back of the car.

Shot 12: Location: E
Actors: Jake Crick
Description of shot:the car drives away, with the body in the back.


Call log

Are group consisting of Jake, Josh, Will and Alex have swapped numbers.

Friday, 10 October 2008

anamatics of physco

This is our anamatic for our thriller project.


Friday, 3 October 2008


starts off with woman running the bath then goes downstairs to lock the door & you see a man walk past the window, she then walks up the stairs and as she reaches the top the man appears in the hallway
as she's getting undressed you see him creeping up the stairs

Sharp flashy images of women getting undressed switching to man coming upstairs

someone laying on the floor
person being put in the boot
car driving towards forest
hole being dug
drags body from car to hole


Jake Crick, Josh White, Alex Barratt & Will Wise.

Monday, 15 September 2008